How to balance a job as CEO of a radio station with a family of 5 young kids.

And how to keep it fun and inspiring.

– an interview with Wilfred

I remember listening to the radio when I was a little boy, lying in bed. In my head the radio host was sitting behind the microphone in a full suit.

If you listen to a show every day it feels like you really know the presenter. That is so strange, I really like that. You just know when he’s interviewing someone: Now he’s going to make this joke, and you appreciate the jokes because it is so typical for that person. It’s just like being with a good friend.

If I wouldn’t have a family I would work a lot more and drive a super nice car.

My family definitely keeps me in balance. When I get home, I turn my phone off and I know: The next three hours I’m busy with my kids. It’s just no option to do work when I get home. I’ve learned to appreciate that more and more. It’s good for me.

When I look around me I see more and more that if you don’t pay attention you’ll just keep going, keep on wanting more. When you have two cars and a nice house you start to long for a bigger house and a more expensive car. I try not to fall in that trap.

It’s not easy to have time to yourself with a full-time job and a family.

No matter how much you love your job and family, it can burn you out if you don’t spent some time by yourself. So I try to really take time for that. Like blocking a day in my calendar to visit museums on my own. I love that, it feels like vacation.

When I don’t have the time to block a day to visit museums, I combine the idea to take time for myself with my work.

So now, on Thursday’s I only do things I enjoy doing.

I make sure I don’t plan any boring meetings on that day. I take the time to organize things a bit for myself and try to do things that inspire me.

I think you can only really be successful when you do something you’re passionate about, that you believe in.

Even if you don’t finish any school, or you don’t have any money, you can still have a lot of influence in the world if you do something you’re passionate about.

A Few of Wilfred’s Treasures: 

Book: Hugo Borst – Ma ( A very striking book)
Song: Martin Smith – Give Thanks for a Broken Heart (Beautiful with the horns of the Salvation Army) 
Museum: Castle Amerongen (Not very well known, but very good, specially when you do the tour)
TV-Show: Formula 1: Drive to Survive (I’m not a particular fan of Formula 1, yet this is a very interesting look into the sport. Available on Netflix)
Movie: The Two Popes (Very well acted and shows how things could’ve gone between pope Benedictus XVI and pope Franciscus. Available on Netflix)
To do with kids: Aviodrome
Oh and an absolute tip: Get an e-reader. This way you’ll always carry your book with you and you don’t have to spend time on your phone when you have some time left. Reading an old-fashioned book in a new way :)

Photography (35 mm) and interview by Merith Ebbers