Help With Printing Your Download

Tips for Printing at Home

  1. Before you press ‘print’ on your device check out the options available for your printer. If possible choose maximum print quality for best results.
  2. If you want a more professional look, buy thicker print paper. Thickness in paper is indicated by weight. Regular printing paper is usually 80 grams, the higher the grams the thicker the paper will be. Make sure that your printer is able to print thicker paper as well.
  3. Personally, I like the results best on matte paper. There are different types of paper. Glossy paper is often used for printing photographs. Think about what type of paper you like most and choose that to print on.

Printing at an Online Print Shop

It might look daunting placing your first order at a print shop, but it’s actually really easy. Here are a few things that will help you in the process.

The Usual Process for Placing an Order Online:

  1. Choose type of print 
    Often you have a choice between a ‘poster’ or a ‘fine art print’
    A poster is usually less expensive and printed on thinner paper.
    A fine art print is more expensive and printed on high quality durable papers that are quite thick.
  2. Choose size
    Choose the size you downloaded (see product description) or smaller but keep the same dimensions. If you bought A1 you can print it on A2, A3 and A4.
    Remember that you should not print it bigger than your download. This will cause the print to come out less sharp.
  3. Choose if you want a border around the art
    Often they ask whether you want the art printed ‘clean’ or with a border. Choose what you think will look best for what you have in mind.
  4. Choose specific paper
    Think about what you find important. Does it have to be matte or glossy? Environmentally friendly? Cheap as possible or high quality? Thick or thin? (Thickness is indicated by grams.)
    Often you can get a free paper sample from the print shop send to your house so you can see and feel the papers they have, this can help a lot when you’re unsure what paper to print on.
  5. Upload your file
    You can upload the file you’ve downloaded here. If you’ve received multiple files make sure you upload the right one. The crop marks file is meant for a ‘clean’ print (without border) – the marks help the printer to cut the artwork more accurately.
  6. Choose a delivery time and price
    If you want it fast, you’ll have to pay more. Often, the more time you give them, the less you pay.
  7. Order and enjoy the result!

Finding the Right Print Shop

Look online for one that suits you
I would advice to look around on the internet for one in your country. Choose one where you understand the order process and where you are happy with the pricing.

Would you like it to be framed right away?
Some print shops also have the option of framing your artwork right away, and/or adding a passe-partout to it.

Help for finding high quality print shops in your area
If you’re looking for a print shop for printing on fine art paper, it might help to google for Hahnemuhle paper, this paper is one of my favorites and the search query “Hahnemuhle print shop” will help you to find high quality print shops in your area.

Find a local print shop
If there is a print shop in your area I would advice to just walk in and ask them what their options and pricing are. You can ask to see and feel the papers they have and whether they have examples of printed artworks. Not all print shops are specialized in the same things, so find out whether they can give you the quality you’re looking for. 

Print Shop List

Print shops per country that have served customers well:


  • MyPoster
    Many different options available. You can also print on canvas and other materials. Fine art paper is also available and you can also choose to frame your artwork right away. 
  • Printerpro
    Good option for printing A1 or A2 size. Choose ‘poster’ and for fine art quality choose ‘fine art paper felt’ 
  • Print123
    Good and affordable option for all sizes available on this website. 


Let me know when you know more print shops to add to this list!