Tell Him What You’ve Never Dared to Say Out Loud

This is an A2-size PDF download of this poster about inviting Jesus into your life

You can end up having all you desire, yet end up lonely anyway. You can keep Jesus safely outside the door, but for what reason?  

With that Savior sitting next to you at the table. Talking, laughing, crying. His  hand upon your shoulder. What else could you possibly want?
His words are forever true. Forever they will bring life. Forever they will keep you safe. 

Why don’t you open up that door? Show Him all you’ve gathered. Your joys, your losses. Tell Him what you’ve never dared to say out loud. 

You’ve got nothing to lose. With one word from you, He will leave. Yet He’ll camp in your yard, just to keep an eye out. Just in case.

You might not see Him there between the flower beds, climbing in the one big tree. But you’ll know when you hold the door knob in your hand. Overwhelmed by the warm hug, as though He knew it all along. As though He never left.

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