What If The Story Of The Transfiguration Actually Happened?

What if The Transfiguration actually happened? An illustration

If the story of the transfiguration actually happened, (which is hard to believe), then that would change everything.

Death would not be the end. Prayer would be the most powerful thing in the world and we would be able to hear the audible voice of God.

What If It’s Not True?

If the story of the transfiguration didn’t actually happen, which seems more likely, then why was it written down?

What does this story mean if it was just a tale to show us something? Show us what? Probably that Mozes, Elijah and God all point to Jesus as the savior God promised to the world. But what were the disciples doing there if it was just a tale? They were just there, watching, asking silly questions, being human, not adding much to the story.

What If You Dare To Believe?

This story is very strange and amazing and hard to believe. Yet if one chooses to believe it, it’s as if many doors suddenly open, light comes in from multiple places and things don’t seem as impossible as they did before.

It’s as if Jesus is encouraging us from that mountain top, telling us to look alive, to keep on going, moving and trying, because life is strange and amazing and hard to believe :)

♫ Listen to Sufjan Stevens’ rendition of the transfiguration:

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