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“Maybe this time between Ascension day and Pentecost, could be a good time for us to regroup. To gather our thoughts and to asses how the Holy Spirit is able to work through us. If you like to do this, maybe these three questions can help you” >>

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What the water wants is hurricanesAnd sailboats to ride on its backWhat the water wants is sun kissAnd land to run into and back

I have a fish stone burning my elbowReminding me to know I’m glad
That I have a bottle filled with my own teethThey fell out like a tear in the bag
And I have a sister in DetroitShe has black hair and small handsAnd I have a kettledrumI’ll hit the earth with you
And I will crochet you a hatAnd I have a red kiteI’ll put you right in itI’ll show you the sky

Sufjan Stevens – Sister