(Visual) Bible Studies

On Hearing God

I notice that at times when I talk about listening to God, people look at me a bit confused. How do you know?

What We Can Learn From Birds

One thing I like about birds is that when the day is windy, they go out and enjoy the wind. They float on the wind, take dives,...

How to Live Life To The Full

Did you know that Jesus gives us advice on how to live life to the full? You can read it in John 10:10. We can have life...

An Experiment on Living Like The Woman in Proverbs 31

I’ve been experimenting living like the woman of Proverbs 31. I never liked her much before, but as I studied her last week I was pleasantly surprised....

Romans 8:35 in Illustration

How hopeful is this verse? Nothing can come between Christ’s love for us. It is everlasting and stronger than anything we could possibly imagine.

You Are Loved With An Everlasting Love

At times we don't feel loved. Or like we don't deserve to be loved. How amazing it is to be reminded of this wonderful truth then.

Does God Really Supply All My Need?

I've wondered many times: Does God really supply all my needs? I found the story of the Israelites in the desert and the manna God supplied.

Mary and Martha

The Bible says that Mary sat down and listened to Jesus while Martha was ‘distracted with much serving’. Distracted is a powerful word here. Don’t we all...

Visual Bible Studies