Treasure Hunt: Find Beauty Where You Don’t Expect It.

I believe that this world is full of hidden treasures. There are so many things we don’t notice or take for granted. This challenge will open our eyes to those things and I hope it will bring joy to your heart to realize that there’s so much more beauty in life than you thought before.

Step 1:

Think about the next few days, where are you going to be? Is there a place where you expect no, or very little beauty? For example: your office, a waiting room or your neighbourhood. That is the place for this challenge. (If you have no plans of going anywhere, think of places in your home or surroundings that you find little joy in and go there to do this challenge.)

Light falling on lamp and wall

A very interesting & beautiful shadow on this lamp

Step 2:

When you are at this place, look around, let your eye find something beautiful or interesting and photograph it with your phone. Walk around and look at details; A crack in the wall, a pattern on the floor, a stain that looks like a funny face. Or look at shadows and light falling somewhere. Look at interesting color combinations, photograph them as a close up. Is there a reflection in a window or mirror that’s actually interesting? Are there items in the room that you’ve never really looked at before but are quite funny or interesting as you look at them more intently? 

Step 3:

All the photos you’ve made are things you would never have seen without doing this challenge. Isn’t it proof that there is joy to be found in the most unexpected places? Keep this in mind when you are in a dark place, wherever you are, look around and find little treasures. And each discovery will make your heart lighter and remind you that there is hope. 

If you like you can email a few of your findings (+ story) to and I will add them on this page to inspire others ;-)

little flower found in autumn between fallen leaves

This flower I found in late November, between the autumn leaves :)

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