Travels to Austria (Vienna)

Vienna. The city of music. It was so warm that summer. Wearing hats at all times. Wandering through the streets. Passing by people in old-fashioned costumes trying to look like Mozart – selling tickets to this or that concert. We hesitated, we didn’t go. 

We did spend an evening in the city and came across an old opera playing on a gigantic screen on one of the old buildings. It was special to hear the music there, in the middle of the city with the cooler air around us. 

I remember it being stately and clean for such a big city. One Sunday we visited a very small church service led by Americans. I remember wide streets and visiting Schonbrun; the summer palace of Franz-Joseph and Sissy and how my youngest sister was so excited to visit Sissy’s palace. 

The bright blue skies contrasted beautiful with the many beige and yellow buildings. It was a treat for the eyes :)

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