Travels to Austria (Mountains)

travels to austria mountains

I remember mountains and walks and waterfalls. Beautiful big lakes. It was the first time I’d been to Austria and I enjoyed it. From the camping place we could walk to the lake – a beautiful little path leading us there, though in the heat of the sun it wasn’t an easy walk. 
I realize now I didn’t take any photos of that lake. I remember it was a comfortable place to sit and read underneath one of the many lovely trees. There was a town nearby where we would walk to at times. It was beautiful and quiet.
I remember my aunt sliding down the snow on top of a plastic bag in the mountains – she had a lot of fun. Why didn’t I do that as well? It’s strange at times the decisions we make. Why we sometimes don’t do the fun thing when we can. I’m telling myself while writing this to definitely do the fun thing next time it crosses my path. 

travels to austria mountains
travels to austria mountains
travels to austria mountains
travels to austria mountains
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