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Do It Yourself

Projects that are fun to make this time of year

Make A Little Town of Stones

It’ll last for years and you can add new additions each winter.

Hover or click on the images in the slider below to read how to make this cute town of stones! 

Tip: You can also skip the cardboard part and just place the stones on a window sill, so you can change the look of the town and add new additions to it. 

Find some stones. Look for ones that stand up and you can turn into a house. Then paint them with gesso or white paint. When the paint has dried draw with a pencil how you want the houses to look.
Paint the stones. This takes some patience because it's small. Use contrasting colors to get the best result.
This was in the middle of the painting process. Later I changed some colors and added a few more details to the houses.
When you're happy with how your houses look, cut out some cardboard and see how you want to place your stones. I used two pieces of cardboard and pasted them on top of each other to make them stronger. With a pencil draw how you want the street to look.
I painted some grass and added a road.
Then I added some pinecones and pasted the stones and pinecones to the cardboard. I also added a little dried twig and painted the seed holders to give the impression of twinkle lights.

Copy a Painting with Watercolors

It’s a fun and easy activity

This is what you’ll need:
  • White paper – The thickest you have lying around or watercolor paper
  • Watercolor paint – You can even use the one that children play with – I used that for years and made very nice paintings with it
  • A brush one that looks like this works best
  • Crayons/oil pastels/pens/colored pencils – Whatever you have
  • A picture of a painting you like – Don’t pick something for any other reason than because you just love this picture. No matter if it’s difficult or not.
  • An open mind -This exercise is not about making the prettiest painting – it’s about enjoying putting paint to paper – finding out how this watercolor thing works ;-)
This is how it goes:
  1. Just start somewhere and keep going! I would recommend starting painting without a pencil outline. But you might do that first if it makes you feel more comfortable.
  2. Don’t paint the parts that are white or very light in the original painting – just let the paper show through in those parts.
  3. Don’t worry about paint running into another color or messing things up. The most important thing is to finish what you started. So don’t stop before your paper is filled with paint.
  4. Let it dry. And use the crayons or pens to emphasize a few things you weren’t able to with watercolor. Like outlines of things, or small things like eyes for example. Also, whites are difficult to bring out with watercolor, so if you have white crayons use them to make the whites better visible.

Winter Inspiration

Things I’ve found on the internet that inspired me

Joyful Winter Videos

By Quiet in the Land

A playlist of winter videos that will inspire you in your own home and environment.

Watch on Youtube

The Art of Wintering

By Jeanne Oliver

A little free course made up of conversations, DIY-projects and inspiration to find joy in winter. 

Do this course!

Winter Inspired Pieces of Art

A few of the things I’ve made over the years that remind me of Winter

Looking In

An acrylic painting on paper

A mom with three kids on her bicycle looking into an empty house – wondering if it might be the right place for them.  

Get this artwork

I Smell Snow

An acrylic painting on canvas

 (Secretly inspired by Lorelai Gilmore)

I made it one December day while wearing my pyjama’s and a winter hat.

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An acrylic painting on paper

This painting is inspired by the Biblical story of Mary and Martha – Taking time to spend with Jesus in rest is one of the most important (and enjoyable) things we can do. 

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More Winter & Autumn artworks

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