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Do It Yourself

Projects that are fun to do this time of year

Time To Spruce Up Your Home

In the winter we spend so much time indoors that the home can start to feel boring, so spring is the perfect time to make it joyful again. 

The movie You’ve Got Mail is a good source of inspiration, the furniture in Kathleen’s apartment is not necessarily my taste, but I do like it’s coziness. Something about it makes me want to live there.
So I looked into what makes it so attractive and found a few ways to help create that same feeling in my own home. 

Fun Fact: The furniture setting in Kathleen’s apartment changes after she closes the store, which is a detail I really like, I do this a lot myself as well. Sometimes it’s just time to move everything around :)

1. Put your desk more in the room, instead of against a wall.

A desk against the wall might take up less space, but I find that this setting makes the desk look very inviting and makes me want to sit there.

Here you see the same desk but in the later part of the movie. She is now facing away from the window.

2. Make use of side tables

Almost in every photo you see a cabinet or little table, even next to the desk and in the kitchen.

3. Hang things on your walls

Kathleen’s apartment has many frames on the wall, with artwork or flowers and other things. Pay attention as well as to how they are hung. I like how it feels like every piece of wall has it’s own look.

4. Use a lot of little, standing lamps

Almost every desk, table and cabinet have lamps on them. They give a homely and cozy feel to the house. And they bring nice warm light as well. (Even if you have no place to plug them in, they still look nice)

5. Create a cozy sitting space detached from the wall

Here you see how a sofa, a table and two smaller chairs make a very cozy sitting space.

6. Have a big book case

Kathleen has two walls with book cases and they bring a lot of character to the apartment.

7. Place your bed like this, if you dare ;-)

I’ve never tried it before, but it looks nice here. Plus I like the little table with books as well :)

Some other things to notice

Curtains: Most of them are made of a light fabric and have natural colors. 

Character: this apartment has a lot of character because of all kind of different doors and details in the woodwork. 

Colors: This is the color scheme of the apartment: 

Make Your Own Elegant Flower Cards

It’s a rewarding and joyful activity

This is what you’ll need:
  • White paper – Blank postcards or thick white paper cut into your preferred size. 
  • Coloured paper – Choose multiple colours that speak to you, because that will help you to get the best results. I cut some of my paper out of brochures. 
  • Scissors or cutting knife + board 
  • Glue 
  • Dried flowers and leaves – If you don’t have them at the moment, pick different flowers, leaves and grasses on a dry day and place them between pages of books or in a flower press – you can use them after two weeks. There are also ways to dry them instantly, by ironing them for example. Look around on the internet how to do that. 

Step 1:

Choose how many cards you want to make in this batch. Six to eight would be a good number. Measure how wide you would like the white borders to be and cut the coloured paper accordingly.
Then paste the coloured papers onto the white ones. 

Step 2:

Place all the cards that you have just made next to each other on the table.  Take a dried flower and place it on top of each card to see which colour combination works best. Leave it on top of the one you like most. If there’s a flower that looks good on multiple colours, leave it aside for now. You’ll probably find that some colours are more difficult to match with the flowers than others.  So use the flowers that match easily for those. 

Step 3:

Once every card has a matching flower, glue them carefully on top of the cards. I did this by putting small dots of glue on different points of the flower and stem.
Put the card right away under a stack of magazines or books so it dries well. Take them out after about 15 minutes and cut the stem off where the paper ends. 
That’s it! Now send them to your loved ones :)

Spring Inspiration

Things I’ve found on the internet that inspired me

A Beautiful Spring Video

By Paola – The Cottage Fairy

A calming spring video where Paola shares some thoughts about spring, emotions and growing as a person

Watch on Youtube

Music that feels like Spring

By Karen Peris

This album is not a Spring-album, or made with that thought, but to me it is. So gentle and sweet. It helps me to enjoy all the beauty even more :)

Listen now!

Spring Inspired Pieces of Art

A few of the things I’ve made over the years that remind me of Spring

Flower Dream I

An acrylic painting on paper

This painting was just all about flowers and joy. I made it in the springtime and captures to me that dreamy state of colors and flowers one encounters at times in spring

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Blue Door

An acrylic painting on paper

This one also speaks spring to me. The fresh green around the house is visible again, the sun makes the color bright and warm. And I’m just curious what this home looks like on the inside. 

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He Will Certainly Care For You

A digital collage made of a drawing, an analog photograph and handwritten text

This photo of the pink flowers I made many years ago in the front garden of the house I grew up in. It is the perfect background for this Bible scripture that means so much to me: Matthew 6:30 “And if God cares so wonderfully for wildflowers that are here today and thrown into the fire tomorrow He will certainly care for you. Why do you have so little faith?” It’s a reminder I need daily.

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