The Beauty of Winter

Let’s try to celebrate & enjoy the winter. I’ve gathered different content that will hopefully help you to do so :)

Winter Video

Things I’ve recorded in winter times

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Do It Yourself Projects

Get your mind off the cold and grey skies and focus on a joyful creative project.

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Thoughts on Winter

Here is my first conversation about Winter. It’s not an easy time for everyone and it has its challenges. I’m sharing a few thoughts and ideas how to get joyfully through the winter. 

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Remedies Against Melancholy

A page filled with different articles and ideas to help you to leave your unhappy thoughts behind.

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Winter Inspiration

Things I’ve found on the internet that inspired me in winter. For example an inspirational free course on ‘wintering’.

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Winter Scenes

Photographs I’ve made in winter – to remind us of the beauty of this time of year

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Winter Inspired Art

Celebrate winter with these artworks

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