You Are Love, And Lonely – Original Art


This original acrylic portrait painting is titled: “You Are Love And Lonely”.  This text is also written on the painting and is from a poem written by Gerard Reve in his book ‘Nader tot U’:

“Eigenlijk geloof ik niets,
en twijfel ik aan alles, zelfs aan U.
Maar soms, wanneer ik denk dat Gij waarachtig leeft,
dan denk ik, dat Gij Liefde zijt, en eenzaam,
en dat, in dezelfde wanhoop, Gij mij zoekt
zoals ik U.”

My translation of this poem to English is:
“To be honest, I don’t believe anything, 
and doubt everything, even You. 
But at times, when I think that You truly live, 
then I think, that You are Love, and lonely, 
and that, in the same despair, You search for me
as I for You.”


It is made with acrylic paints on paper. The size is 500 x 700 mm including a small white border. 

The artwork is sprayed with a varnish so that it will be more protected from dust, dirt and light. Next to this I would advice to frame the painting in a frame with special UV-glass to avoid any possible color loss over the years – especially if it will be hung in a sunny spot.

Art Print

Find the downloadable version of this painting by clicking here. 

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