Wild Flower Bouquet

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I made this poster one summer after I came home from picking wild flowers. The sky had been filled with dark grey clouds, the sun was setting, I went outside and it was beautiful. I tried to put the love I feel for those flowers and that evening in this poster.

The text I wrote on the poster is: “The sky hung low & saturated. The streets were empty, except for a small family slowly resting on a benching as if nothing was to come. I gently stepped over the fence, greeted the cows, ripping grass from the ground. I picked you & you and the colors in the distance. Saved the blue one from brutal death. Saved your beauty in my arms. Held you close to my heart. The first drop landed on my arm. The rest landed thick & pretty around me and I walked home. Little cold pricks on my skin. Polka dots pathway. And I felt grateful, invincible & beautiful, close to you.”

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