It was Sorrowful, She Loved Him / Het was Verdrietig, Ze Hield van Hem – Original Painting



This painting is inspired by this sentence from the novel Karakter by F. Bordewijk: ‘Het was verdrietig, ze hield van hem.’ my translation of this sentence in English would be: “It was sorrowful, she loved him.”

The story

This painting is inspired by the Book Karakter by F. Bordewijk. This book is about a boy who grows up to be a man and works very hard to become a solicitor, while his father is working against him. In the office where he comes to work there’s woman who he befriends. They like each other very much and she grows to love him, yet knows at the same time, without saying or asking anything, he won’t marry her. She leaves the office and marries someone else. Later when they coincidentally meet somewhere, he tells her this: “I will never marry anyone else. You were an incident in my life, a white incident, the incident, I won’t forget it, I simply cannot.”
The title of this painting is a quote from her, when she realizes he won’t mary her: “It was sorrowful, she loved him.”


This original painting is painted with acrylic paints on paper. The size is 185 x 287 mm.

The artwork is sprayed with a varnish so that it will be more protected from dust, dirt and light. Next to this I would advice to frame the painting in a frame with special UV-glass to avoid any possible colour loss over the years – especially if it will be hung in a sunny spot.


From now until 10th of June 2023 I'm not able to ship any orders. If you order a physical painting please note that it will be sent after 10th of June 2023. Digital downloads are not affected by this, you will still receive those in your email box right after you place order. Please contact me for any questions.