Ik Leef Breed / I Live Wide – Download

In Short

This is an instant art download of this painting. The text written on the painting is: ‘Ik leef breed, stil & langzaam’ Which translated to English means ‘I live wide, quiet & slow.’

The Story

This painting comes out of a time in life when I enjoyed so much of the things I saw outside of my windows. Seeing life go on, in birds gathering, in people passing by, in flowers and in rain. And I felt so at peace. Yet I was unnoticed by most of what I observed. Nothing much happened in my life, yet it was lovely and full of live :)

How the Download Works
  • Size of this download: A4 – 210 x 197 mm // 8.3 x 11.7 inches
  • After purchase you will receive the PDF download that you can print at home or at a print shop.
  • This file is meant to be used only by you

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You can name your own price because I want anyone to be able to afford these artworks. The suggested price gives an idea of the value of the product.

Suggested price:  15,00