A Window

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Once I read this sentence from a book by Wendell Berry: “I have always loved a window, especially an open one.” (Jayber Crow) and it then struck me how much I actually do love windows. In a way, a window with a wide view shows the possibilities of this life. Even when you’re safely inside, through that square glass your imagination finds new ways, you may see a bird, the sun rise, a rainbow or someone passing by and you never know what you’re going to see next. That feeling of possibilities I tried to depict in this poster.

The text I wrote on the poster is: “A window, a breeze, an open field, of wild possibilities, a sigh, perpetual movement, a reflection of life, of how life is supposed to be, beautiful, turmoil, calm, floating on the wind, driven by a force unknown, a presence of still, quiet confidence.” 

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