Nick Drake & Me

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nick drake illustration things behind the sun pink moon

I can’t remember how I discovered Nick Drake’s music, I do know that I loved it quickly. His music is simple and interesting, quiet and energetic at the same time.  This little poster I made is based on the song ‘Things Behind The Sun’ from the Pink Moon album.

Too Young for Nick Drake
I came across the Pink Moon vinyl on sale in a record store and when I went to the counter to pay for it, the two middle aged men at the counter looked at me strangely. “How do you know this artist?” they asked. They didn’t think young people would still know Nick Drake. We had a fun conversation and they recommended other artist to me, all of them I already knew, and they were even more surprised. They complimented me on my music taste, which I took with pleasure since my friends and family usually tell me I have a terrible music taste haha.
One of the guys gave me the title of a documentary on Nick Drake’s short life, which you can watch below ;-)

Do you know Nick Drake? How did you discover his music?