On Hearing God

Ever since I’ve come to live in this house, I feel like God’s been teaching me so much. Almost everyday I find out another and another lesson. Sometimes the lessons are fun, but at times they are all about learning patience and trust and they are not easy to learn.

I don’t know if you recognize this. I notice that at times when I talk about listening to God, people look at me a bit confused. How do you know?

I learned through experience. It’s like any relationship. The more you spend time with someone, the more you will know them.

I read something recently that struck me: “A Spirit does actually exist which teaches the ant her path, the bird her building, and men, in an instinctive and marvellous way, whatever lovely arts and noble deeds are possible to them.” (John Ruskin)

I never thought of it this way, and it shows how we often make things too complicated. 

As the Spirit guides a bird into building a good nest, even more will that same Spirit guide us in whatever we are doing.

No matter how much noise you hear inside you. Somewhere in there is the voice of the Holy Spirit guiding you. Get to know Him, spend time with Him, learn to recognize His voice. Jesus was the Word made flesh. That means that reading the Bible is spending time with Jesus.

“For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of His good pleasure.” Phil. 2:13. So God is always at work in us, to ‘want to’ and ‘to do’ what is good in His eyes. We may not always hear it clearly because the enemy and the world have their influence on us as well, but it’s always there. And the more you try to follow His voice, the more you’ll recognize it. God looks at the heart. If you do something because You believe in your heart He’s leading you there – He will always bless that.

Following the voice of the holy spirit illustration
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Another thing that helps me to follow God’s voice is by following peace. His voice is always quiet, gentle, and brings an inner peace. All other voices will be loud, unwelcoming and bring fear or doubt to your heart.   

And start small. Try following God’s voice in things that have little consequence at first. Anything in your day that you’re unsure about, ask God and follow what you believe sounds like God. And you will learn more and more. And it’s so good to experience that God cares about all those tiny things as well and is always ready to help when you ask Him.


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