light falling in house photography

It’s easy to lose sight of God among daily life. Over and over I’m learning how to trust God and to do all I do for God alone.

Sometimes I feel like I’m stuck in this dark narrow maze where I don’t see any way out. It’s easy then to take my eyes off God and just see these dark, cold walls that won’t move. And even though God is in the back of my mind while I’m trying to find my way, I’m doing it on my own. I’m taking it on myself to get out of this.

And when I finally sit down on the floor exhausted and hopeless I see this little dot of light playing on one of the walls. And I see another one, and another. And I realize light is coming from somewhere. Light is illuminating my surroundings. I just need to find that source of light and find my way back through this dark maze.

Find my way back to the light through light.

light falling in house photography
light falling in house photography
light falling in house photography
light falling in house photography
light falling in house photography

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