Discover Beautiful Light in Your Home

Light. At times I wonder what it is about light that brings so much joy to my heart. I read once that ‘light is the shadow of God.’ And maybe that’s what makes it so beautiful. It is as if everything that light touches comes to life. And it’s a beautiful thing to notice and experience.

Since a few months I live in a new apartment. That means that I’m still discovering how the light falls into this new home – and what a joy to discover it :)

I can highly recommend picking up a camera, or using your phone, when the sun is falling in your house and capturing those beautiful places where light and shadow meet. And even more: those spots where the light shines through a tree and the lights and shadows are dancing on your walls, on your sofa, on your floor.

A few tips:
  • The most beautiful light is usually a few hours before the sun goes down. Early mornings are beautiful as well!
  • If you can, try to underexpose your photo to see more of the warmth and color of the light. (On a phone you can often do this by pressing your finger on a bright part of your photo, then it will adjust the exposure settings, based on that.)
  • Walk around your house slowly and just search for light. You might see it where you never had :)


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