“Let’s Be More Real With Each Other.” – Interview with Thirze


“We could try to be more vulnerable”

– an interview with Thirze

I feel so blessed to have the job I’m doing now.

The work I’m doing as an HR-adviser is something I really enjoy.

I mostly love to be able to help people through what I do.  Through this job I learn many things about myself I didn’t know before. I really like that!

My main career goal is that I do something I’m good at, with the talents God gave me. 

I’d like to discover who I am, what God gave me and how to best use those gifts.

Most people have big dreams. I just want to achieve a happy life with my friends and family and meet new people. 

I want to enjoy the little things, like a good conversation, a nice walk in the woods or listening to beautiful music. 

I love it when people say sweet and kind things to me, it makes me so happy!

And I love spontaneous conversations with people I don’t know well, who open themselves up and share things with me.

I find it a challenge to find a balance in my life.

Planning ahead is something I naturally do. I like to be able to look forward to things. But sometimes everything is so planned out that there’s little time left for spontaneous things, and I actually love unexpected things.

It is a challenge for me to find a balance between planning and keeping space for unexpected things. 

Let’s be more real with each other.
I would love it if we would communicate
more of what we really think and feel.

At the moment everyone seems to be so focused on doing and saying what others expect them to, and I don’t really like that. I would love to know who someone really is. But we seem to hide that.

We could try to be more vulnerable, also with people we don’t know that well.

Trying to be honest about our life, and also asking questions people do not usually ask each other.

At the moment I’m really enjoying my life the way it is now. Finding a certain kind of rest and accept and enjoy the place I’m in right now.

Spending time with God brings a new dimension to my life. More and more I can let go of stress and worry, and it makes me see more of the beauty in life. Trusting God to lead me. I realize in ten years things can be completely different. So I’m enjoying what I have now.

A Few of Thirze’s Favorite Things:

Song: Jon Foreman – Your Love is Strong Helps me to value the things that I forget to appreciate at times

Book: Joyce Meyer – Battlefield of the Mind It teaches me to stand stronger in my walk with God

Movie: The Blind Side  True story and interesting to see what you can do for someone else

TV-Show: Sherlock Interesting mysteries with surprising twists. Every episode is entirely different. 

Places to go: Scotland. If you love nature and not too warm weather it is a lovely place, but don’t forget your umbrella ;-)

Other: Having meals with friends and family


Photography & interview done by Merith

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