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5 Wonderful 
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A Look Into
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– 5 wonderful Things to discover this autumn –

As I was walking through the forest one autumn day, looking down on my yellow boots and wearing my yellow coat, I wondered what I looked like surrounded by all these autumn colors. And it occurred to me that I could not see it. (Unless someone else would photograph me.) And I realized that in the woods you’ll never find a reflection of yourself. There are no windows, no mirrors. The only thing I could find of my own presence, was my shadow.

And I thought about how beautiful that is. I felt so peaceful and I lost sight of all the things I normally think about and I was just overwhelmed by the beauty and sounds around me. My self felt less present. My self did not matter much at that moment. I was reduced to a shadow surrounded by the magnificent beauty of nature playing with sunlight.

Before I went into the forest I asked God to show me new things. To open my eyes to things I haven’t seen before. And though I could hardly believe there would be, it turned out there was.

This world is full of beauty and if you want to know how to notice it, here are a few things I’ve noticed over the years when it comes to autumn:

1. When the light in your home is suddenly very different than usual – go to the window, probably there is a rainbow there, or one about to come

2. This time of year there are a lot of clouds and often moving fast. Just looking at them is fun. Spotting birds that are enjoying the wind. 

3. When the day starts rainy, don’t conclude that it’s going to be a rainy day. Autumn often goes into all directions and therefore is full of surprises. Dark clouds and sun and blue sky all come together. One fun thing this time of year is to find puddles of water and seeing the sky reflected in them.

4. Go out early morning or around sunset to a place with a lot of grass fields and high chance you’ll see beautiful fog everywhere. 

5. In early autumn almost every day has a wonderful sunset. Also notice the light falling on the tree tops around that time. 

These are just a few things, there are many more things to explore. But hopefully it will help you to notice more than you might usually do ;-)

 Free Phone Wallpapers

Made by Laivi Põder and me

A small and simple way to make your life more joyful is to change your phone wallpaper to something you like and to change it regularly. 

So I made a few autumn inspired  phone wallpapers – which I’ll hope you’ll enjoy!
(Click on the image to download them)

The other day I came across lovely phone wallpapers by artist Laivi Põder. She makes digital art and has many phone backgrounds available to download on her website, a few for every season. I downloaded all of them and change my background about every 2/3 weeks into the mood/season I’m in. It often brings a smile to my face just opening my phone :)

These four are made by her, these are all autumn themed – visit her website to download the ones you like! 

“October 7th — A walk in Northfields in the afternoon. Bright sunshine and autumnal warmth, giving a sensation quite unlike the same degree of warmth in summer.

Oaks,—some brown, some reddish, some still green; walnuts, yellow,—fallen leaves and acorns lying beneath; the footsteps crumple them in walking.

In sunny spots beneath the trees, where green grass is overstrewn by the dry, fallen foliage, as I passed, I disturbed multitudes of grasshoppers basking in the warm sunshine; and they began to hop, hop, hop, pattering on the dry leaves like big and heavy drops of a thunder-shower. They were invisible till they hopped.

Boys gathering walnuts. Passed an orchard, where two men were gathering the apples. A wagon, with barrels, stood among the trees; the men’s coats flung on the fence; the apples lay in heaps, and each of the men was up in a separate tree. They conversed together in loud voices, which the air caused to ring still louder, jeering each other, boasting of their own feats in shaking down the apples. One got into the very top of his tree, and gave a long and mighty shake, and the big apples came down thump, thump, bushels hitting on the ground at once. “There! did you ever hear anything like that?” cried he. This sunny scene was pretty. A horse feeding apart, belonging to the wagon. The barberry-bushes have some red fruit on them, but they are frost-bitten. The rose-bushes have their scarlet hips.”

From Passages from the American Note-books, Volume I by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Read the book online or download (free) Get the artwork on autumn

 I look into shops, I Slip into rain

A Song by The Innocence Mission


Down this street
I ride a green bus
Early, deep into town
If I could speak, if I could be
As I would like to be now-

And what could I bring you
Today in the meantime?
Fruit from the sunlight
Quartz from the bay?
And where will I find this
Perfect and wondrous?
I look into shops
I slip into rain
Slip into rain

Leaves on leaves
I walk through deeply
Gold, green, gold
For my friend
I cannot find a thing
Beautiful enough for you

And what could I bring you
Now in the meantime?
Fruit from the sunlight
Quartz from the bay?
And where will I find this
Perfect and wondrous?
I look into shops
I slip into rain
Slip into rain


DIY wallpaper with lemon print

7 Questions to ask yourself to become a better you


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