This Relient K Song Will Help You To Let Go Of Your Heart Aches

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When life feels hard or when you don’t understand why things are happening, it is easy to go along with your emotions. It’s easy to invite hurt in your heart. 
But that’s not what we are called to do. We have a hope that is beyond, and above anything we encounter in this life.

Soon this life will be over. Soon we will live a wonderful life in the presence of God. There is so much hope. There is so much to look forward to. Don’t lose heart. Don’t let your heart ache. 

The text in this photo is from the song Heartache by Relient K. I posted a bit of the lyrics below. Listen to it, if you need this message today. 

No, I’m never gonna lose my beat
I take it easy on the weak of heart
I hear you telling me not to speak
So here comes the quiet part
Maybe I never solved the mystery
Is it always gonna have to be so hard?
If I only ever drag my feet
I guess I’ll never get too far

To hold on or let it go
I tell you it’s all I know

I will not let my heart ache
I won’t be treading water, waiting on a wave, no no
I will not let my heart ache

Up and at ’em
Bright as the start of a brand new day
There’s a magic to it, never let it go
Up and at ’em
It’s the time when you awake
Something holy to it only you could know

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