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Little Home Joys

At times I like to walk through the house with my camera in hand and just record all the things I enjoy at the moment. 

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How to Live Life To The Full

Of course we want to follow the Shepherd and enjoy all He gives us, but sometimes we don’t realize how much we let the enemy steal from us. Things like our peace and our trust in God. We often stay in the sheepfold where we feel safe…

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7 Ways to Make Your House More Cozy (Based On You’ve Got Mail)

Bring the cozy feel of Kathleen’s apartment into your home.

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'You Are' by sea + air

You are greater than the universeYou are brighter than the sunYou are deeper than the seaYou are love

You’re the creator of the universeYou’re the lighter of the sunYou’re the keeper of the seaYou are love

This is a songThat truly onlyMy heart can singNo human voice

No earthly tongueCan ever expressWhat you mean to meTo me