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Was Jesus’ Tomb In a beautiful garden? 

In my mind the place where Jesus was buried was always a sandy, empty place. I was surprised when I read this passage in John. Wondering if this would’ve been a real full, green, cultivated garden… 

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Giving Way to life abundantly

A flower gives up its beautiful petals for the seed to grow. And when the seed has fully grown, the flower will give it lovingly up to the wind, the bird, the animal, the human, trusting it will produce life multiplied…

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“In this surrendering we know that we can fully trust God. He says Himself that the flowers are clothed more beautiful and with more care than any human ever could. Will he not much more care for us? He is to be trusted. He will take better care of us than we  ever can ourselves.” 

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With the first ray of sunlight one bird opens its eyes.

Sees life, a leaf, a tree, his friends. And out comes a little melody of praise. Until more and more and louder and louder – the chorus of praise.

The trees sway back and forth, dancing for the Lord while the waters move with excitement. In my bed I turn around and notice the light from behind my eyes and sing the chorus of darkness. Groaning I turn away from the light.

The whole of nature is singing all the day. Saying: “See God, praise God. He is the one who cares for us. He is the one who sustains us. I am beautifully and wonderfully made.”

But most of the day all I hear are cars and thoughts of work, work, work. Another day. Another evening. Another night. I think of tomorrow. No sight, no sounds of leaves in the wind, the buzzing of the bees, the worship of the birds. Saying: “Praise, praise, praise. It’s God who sustains. Goodness and mercy will follow me. Every day. Every day.”

The sun disappears, offering a generous show to the self-centered while it gets quiet around. The darkness creeps in. Silence.