Following The Voice of The Holy Spirit

Following the voice of the Holy Spirit Illustration download print

This is an illustration I made to remind myself to keep on following the voice of the Holy Spirit. Lately I’ve been focusing more on listening to that still, small voice, instead of the other voices of fear, doubt, time running out, incompetency etc.

It is something I have to tune in for every day. To stand still for a second and ask myself: What does this quiet voice within me tell me? And then I try to listen to it.
And it’s true, I can never be a 100% sure whether this is God’s voice or not, but I’ve discovered that in most cases it is. And if I’m wrong, so be it. God knows my heart.

Isn’t it amazing that God is there guiding us every tiny, little step on the way? I notice the voice even when I’m thinking about what kind of food to make. And when I don’t know what to say sometimes, a question will come up in me, and it’s often the exact right one to ask at that moment.

It’s amazing! And it’s so much fun to wake up each day, not knowing what will happen, but just following this voice wherever it takes me. At times I fall back in ignoring or forgetting this voice and I try to follow my own plans. I end up frustrated and a little depressed. But any moment again I can find that voice again, and when I do life is so amazing and good and full of surprises. And God turns every ugly thing into something beautiful :)

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