Finding Beauty in Grieving

Living on after a loved one died can be painful, yet in this experience there are also places of much light.

Like when you see something your loved one loved. The emotion that comes with that can be painful and good at the same time. To be grateful to have known that person, to have shared these memories. Over time you might love to go to these places, or to see certain objects, because they remind you of them and fill you with love and gratefulness for the times you shared together.

Sometimes we tend to focus too much on the dark side, we think about what could have been, what went wrong, we focus on the pain we feel. But in thick darkness light shines more bright, brings more relief. Keep looking for those spots of light. Be grateful for what you lived. Know that you are still here on this earth for a reason. Find it. Look for treasures. Ask God questions and write them down.  

This painting titled ‘Where I Find You’ is a reminder of this. A reminder to focus on the brightness, the possibilities, the life that is still there. To find beauty in missing someone. To find them in the beautiful things of this world. To know that God knows all and holds all of us close to His heart. Search for it, talk to Him. He knows all that passed between you and your loved one. You can reminisce with Him. And He might tell you things you never knew, never realized until now.

There’s still so much to be discovered.

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