Find Joy in Difficult Times

Watch this Video in Which People Share Their Secrets

The things that happen when you ask people about their secrets

This Relient K Song Will Help You To Let Go Of Your Heart Aches

When life feels hard or when you don’t understand why things are happening, it is easy to go along with your emotions. It’s easy to invite hurt in...

The Man Who Turned Pain into Ecstatic Beauty

Dr. Who is a time traveler and in this episode he takes the painter Vincent van Gogh with him to the future.


Find my way back to the light through light

What I Learned From My 90-year-old Friend

When we got to know each other we were surprised at how similar we were, we had a lot of the same interests. We laughed a lot together.

Walking on the Edge of the Abyss

but I don’t feel scared, really. Rather amazed, every day, that I am still standing and that the view is so stunningly beautiful.

I Am Not Who I Am (Rembrandt And I)

God says “I am who I am.” But with human beings it should be: “We are not who we are.” I did a little study on this inspired...

Does It Have To Be So Hard?

Jesus wants us to stick with Him through the awkward learning parts so we can learn to ride like He does. He wants to take our mind off of...

Hopeful Art

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