Does God Really Supply All My Need?

Does God really supply all my need? an illustration on manna

I made this illustration in a time when I struggled trusting God and His providence. I came across the story of the Israelites in the desert. Every morning there was manna to be found on the floor. Each morning again there was enough for everyone.

And I realized the same was there for me. Every day God provides for me. (Phil. 4:19) Whatever I need for the day. It’s there lying for me to be gathered.

Many times I would just put my hands over my eyes and say ‘There is nothing here, I can’t see anything, how can I do all this?’
Or I would look around and see all that was provided for me but think: ‘It’s not enough for everyone, others will take it from me. Even if I try to gather, it will never be good enough.’ Or I would see the abundance of today but would doubt it for next week.

So much of living with God has to do with constantly coming back to him. Every morning again. Peeling off those layers of habit and worries. Coming to him full of wonder, full of trust, like a little child.
Gathering all His little treasures throughout the day. And enjoying all these gifts :)

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