What I Learned From My 90-year-old Friend

This is an original acrylic painting on paper titled 'Ik Tel Mijn Zegeningen' or translated to English 'I Count My Blessings'. 

“Casting all your care upon God, for He cares for you.”
1 Peter 5:7

A friend of mine who was in her nineties, seemed to be very good at following this scripture. Even though she went through many (physical) difficulties since she was a child. Because of a weakness in her lungs, they had told her as a child that she wouldn’t live very long. 

When we got to know each other we were surprised at how similar we were, we had a lot of the same interests. We laughed a lot together. She loved singing and told me how she would sing very loudly along with the church service on TV on Sundays. We would laugh about what her neighbours might think. 

My friend died some time ago and this artwork captures who she was to me. She was always there for other people, had an open mind and didn’t complain much when things were hard for her.

One time she wrote me a card in winter time telling me that she was so amazed by the snow on the trees. She wrote: “I count my blessings that I can still experience such beauty in my old age.”

How I hope that I can still enjoy such little beauties when I’m in my nineties :)

I count my blessings painting elderly woman with flowers acrylic art
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