I smell


she cried as she danced along the brook path.

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Then she began to compose a poem on it.

Everybody who has ever lived in the world and could string two rhymes together has written a poem on spring. It is the most be-rhymed subject in the world—and always will be, because it is poetry incarnate itself.

You can never be a real poet if you haven’t made at least one poem about spring.”

– Emily of New Moon – 

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When I hear on the news that they’ve discovered a new fish, I always think of God and smile. 

In the deep depths of the sea they still discover new creatures. And they are very beautiful and interesting. I like that so much about God, how He made so many creatures and we haven’t even seen all of them…

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“In the same way we can create abundantly

 – we often think, ‘this is enough’ or ‘this is all I can expect’

but God is saying, make more, think bigger, keep going.”

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Go on a treasure hunt for beauty

I believe that this world is full of hidden treasures. There are so many things we don’t notice or take for granted. This challenge will open our eyes to those things and I hope it will bring joy to your heart to realize that there’s so much more beauty in life than you thought before.

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Sister birds, will you call me out?
Sister birds, will you wake me then?

I do not want to lose any hour.
All the lawn and the house will flower
in the lovely world of light.

I will be free in the summertime.
I want to be in the summertime.
I can walk on for another mile.
The canal and the road will shine.
Even into the forest lies the lovely world of light.

Songs I heard along these boulevards,
all words gone, and also is my courage tried.
But oh I’m alive.

I wish I knew who lived in that house,
and every side street I can’t go down,
and every window to catch the sun,
every window to catch the sun.
And do they feel the same,
everyone in the lovely world of light?

Listen to this lovely song by Karen Peris