‘Blind’ Bartimaeus vs ‘Wise’ Nicodemus

This is a painting I made based on the text you’ll read below. A blind beggar versus an educated teacher. How surprising things turn out sometimes. 

“…blind Bartimaeus, the son of Timaeus, sat by the highway side begging.” Mark 10:46

“In today’s study, we meet a man named Bartimaeus who was physically blind. It appeared though that he was not the one who was without any sight. Upon knowing that it was ‘Jesus of Nazareth’ passing by, he moved with faith and addressed Jesus as, the ‘Son of David’. That was a public declaration that served to acknowledge Jesus as The Messiah (Matthew 22:41-42).

In contrast, the seeing Nicodemus, who was also a teacher of the law in Israel, not only lacked understanding about spiritual birth but also failed to recognise who Jesus truly was. (John 3:1-10)

As ironic as it may seem, but a blind beggar brought such an insight into Jesus’ identity that the seeing theologians of Jerusalem could not.

Jesus invited blind Bartimaeus to present his desire to Him but implied the seeing Nicodemus as blind to the Kingdom of God. He later restored sight to both – the physically blind Bartimaeus as well as spiritually blind Nicodemus.

Knowing that physical vision was indeed vital to the functioning of the mortal body, Jesus restored the sight of countless blind people during His earthly ministry. Yet He taught to enter the Kingdom of God even at the expense of having to lose physical sight if necessary. (Matthew 18:9)

The world labels anyone as blind who doesn’t have to see with, but Christ says it is one who can’t see the only Source truly worth seeing – Him!

Would you bow your heart before Christ today to have the perfect vision – physical as well as spiritual?”

Written by Bharat Arora

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