London 2024

When our feet were tired from walking across London town, the thought of the little garden house waiting for our return was a pleasant one. To drink a good cup of tea in a comfortable chair and stare into the lovely garden was all I could think of in those moments, and it never disappointed when we arrived ‘home’.

And then another moment walking through the cozy street of Teddington high street looking for food. The restaurants weren’t able to attract us, instead we found our way to supermarkets and fresh produce and made our own combinations. 
Traveling and having access to a kitchen is a great joy to me. It gives a sense of freedom and a chance to make something new with whatever ingredients one can find. When we stayed in a hotel the last few days of our stay in London that’s what I missed the most.

It was a lovely trip and some things I’ve learned from it is how joyful it is to drink tea from a teapot, how cute London can be outside of the touristy areas – and how important kitchens are :)

March 2024