A Sunday in October 2011

I remember this day quite well. It was a Sunday in October, one of the last warm days of the year. After church we gathered in the garden and after a while I took my camera with me to explore our neighbourhood. I’d set my camera to black and white, so everything I photographed was processed as a black and white photo. It was a fun discovery to see the differences between the colours I saw with my eyes and the way it was processed in my camera. 
Our neighbourhood always seemed like such an uninspiring place to me, and this helped me to look at it with new eyes, and find some beauty in unexpected places.

Another thing I rememeber is that the skirt I was wearing that day was one of my favorites, I had bought it in Sweden and it was such a different style than was available at that moment in the Netherlands, my first hight waisted skirt. I worn it for many years until it was too old to use. 

October / 2011