An Experiment on Living Like The Woman in Proverbs 31

I’ve been experimenting living like the woman of Proverbs 31. I never liked her much before, but as I studied her last week I was pleasantly surprised.

Did you know she was actually a business woman as well? Selling fabric and clothes, buying a vineyard, making money and investing it in good things. 

She was a woman with a vision. Each morning she made a plan for the day, but she also had long-term goals which she worked on little by little. Like turning wool into clothes. 

And she took good care of herself. She wore beautiful clothes, took care of herself spiritually, mentally and physically. 

When you read the whole story on her life it looks pretty exhausting and can make you think: “She has no life, living like this.” But I’ve discovered that her secret was that she did all with joy.The Bible says she looked forward to what’s ahead and at the end of the day she looked back on her work and saw that it was good.

Living a balanced life in which you do your tasks, take care of others and take care of yourself is very important. But it often feels like a lot. 
but if you would do all these things with joy – with love in your heart – it’s not as difficult anymore.

For me, a big challenge is looking back on my day and to be grateful for what I was able to do. Often the thought of the things I didn’t do takes over and I wish I had more time. I know it would be better to focus on the good things that have happened, the progress I’ve made, lessons I’ve learned. 

And so I’m going to try to keep going with this. To do my work with vision, to make time to help others and to make time to really take good care of myself. And to do all with joy and gratefulness. 

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