About The Dance Part


Hi, I’m Merith 

The person behind The Dance Part. I love creating, reading and nature and I like to believe that nothing is impossible. 

I live in a little town in The Netherlands and have a boyfriend from India :)

The Dance Part is a place where I share my art with you.

I believe there is beauty in sharing art, that’s why you can buy a lot of it here for any amount you choose. In this way you can bring light and beauty to this world, to your house and to your friends’ houses. 

When I paint I always feel like I’m just following the clues God gives me, they never really feel like mine. So every artwork is also a journey with God through thoughts and ideas. 

That’s why God often comes back in my art or in the stories behind my art :)

Life is full of surprises.
Keep looking!

xx Merith

And feel free to contact me via merith@thedancepart.nl


Sometimes I photograph people as well, more info here ;-)


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