Hi! Nice to meet you :) My name is Merith

Many, many times in my life I have thought: ‘If only I could remember this.’ Either a song, or a thought or a profound insight. So I started to stick them on my wall whenever I could. And unintentionally this whole collection of paintings and illustrations grew out of it. 

I really hope these artworks will bring joy into your life as well. Too often we get so distracted by everything around us that we forget the most important things. Let’s fill our walls with everything we want to be reminded of and keep focused on the right things :)


A few fun facts about me

  • I love reading, sewing, taking walks and cycling
  • Currently I live in Oosterbeek (Netherlands)
  • My husband is an expat from India
  • Because of him I have developed a big love for Indian food
  • Tea is my favorite drink
  • Every few months I move the furniture around in my house 
  • I was in art school studying graphic design for a couple of months, but dropped out because it was too much pressure and I didn’t have time to make what I wanted to anymore
  • After that I studied Communications, that’s where I learned to build websites and start my own business 

Life is full of surprises.
Keep looking!

xx Merith