A Natural & Easy Way to Make Your House Smell Nice

A Natural & Easy Way to Make Your House Smell Nice
1. Collect a few things/ingredients that smell really nice

Just use whatever you like, fruit, spices or things you find in nature that smell nice. For example lemon slices, orange peels, cinnamon, bay leaves, pine twigs or lavender. 

A Natural & Easy Way to Make Your House Smell Nice
2a. Put them in a pan with water and let it simmer on the stove

This is the most effective way, and the scent will probably go from the kitchen into other rooms as well. Add some extra water if it runs low. 

2b. Use a tea light to scent a single room


This is a more energy sufficient way, but it will only scent the room it’s standing in. 
A few things to note with this method:
– Use a tea light that is more closed than open (like mine) – an open tea light won’t be able to warm it enough to bring the scent into the room.
– You still need to boil your scent on the stove before, and then put the pan/cup on the tea light. 

A Natural & Easy Way to Make Your House Smell Nice
3. Save the homemade scent in the fridge for later use


You can use it a couple of times. Just try if it still smells good before you use it ;-)

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A Natural & Easy Way to Make Your House Smell Nice

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