A Few Ideas on How to Spend Time With God and Enjoy It

Pick out below which one suits your life. I’ve also added a list with questions to help you further.

A Few Ideas on How to Spend Time With God and Enjoy It
You enjoy getting up earlier (Or you’re just up early) and have some quiet time

This one applies to me: The moment I wake up I get comfortable on the sofa, I make a hot cup of English tea and light a candle – I have a little table I set in front of me where I put my Bible, a devotional, colored pencils and a notebook. The tea and candle help me to really take my time.

If I’m done before my tea is drinkable I probably just rushed through and haven’t really connected with God.  The same goes for the candle. When I blow it out I’m more aware that I’m now stepping into my day. Without a candle I would often just get up somewhere in the middle and forgot I was having time with God. Plus the candle makes the time with God special, different from other parts of my day. 

You feel rushed in the mornings, and rather have quiet time later in the day

After dinner and dishes you take a walk outside – while doing that you can pray, listen to a sermon, or read a Bible verse before you leave and think it over while walking. When you come back you make a nice cup of hot drink. You sit somewhere where you feel comfortable and do what you haven’t done while walking. Either praying, writing or reading the Bible. You can also look up scriptures from the sermon you listened to.

If you walk with someone else, try to keep the conversation on God. For example ask each other how you saw God work in the past days, or what you’ve heard/read about God lately. Really try when you come back home to have a little time with God as well. Even if it’s just the time it takes to drink your hot drink. 

 You have young kids and are home with them today

You can’t really rely on certain parts of the day to be quiet with little kids. But there are some things and tasks that come back daily or at least multiple times a week. For example, laundry. What you could do is every time you have to hang/fold laundry or iron that you take that time to communicate with God. Put on worship music and sing along, or take time to pray, for yourself, for your children and the people around you. Or just ask the Holy Spirit for guidance, have a little moment in which you are open and able to hear if He wants to tell you something. You can also read a page in a devotional you’re reading before you start laundry and think it over while doing it.

Make sure your kids are playing by themselves or watching something, so you can set your thoughts on God. If you have had your time connecting with God you’ll probably be a better parent the rest of the day. So don’t feel bad about that.
This way laundry becomes something you might enjoy because it gives you a sense of rest and peace in your day. Laundry is a good one because it doesn’t require much thinking, you can have your mind on other things and still do laundry well. Plus after you’re done with the laundry you can make you favorite hot drink and just enjoy it, sit down comfortably and have a few minutes of rest.

A Few Ideas on How to Spend Time With God and Enjoy It
You have young kids and you go to work today

Go to you work earlier than needed, or stay a little longer at the end to read the Bible. You can combine this with the time you commute between the two places. In this time you can meditate on what you read or take time to pray. This works especially well if you have a private office, but usually it’s also more quiet before and after regular work hours, or find an empty room you can use. Take out your Bible/devotional and have a cup of your favorite drink. If you don’t feel the peace to pray at your workplace, safe that for the commute. 

Questions to ask yourself to make your time with God more joyful:

What place in your house do you find most peaceful and comfortable?

Use that place, if possible, to read and/or write.

What is your favorite hot drink?
As I wrote before, this can help you spend a little more time and not rush off to the next thing. Plus it makes time with God special and enjoyable. 

What slows you down?
For me, lighting a candle helps, but it can also be certain music, or intentionally looking outside at nature. Writing can also help to let go of your thoughts. Do these things while or before you’re spending time with God.

What can make your time with God more joyful?
If you know better now what it looks like, how can you make it better? For example buy a fancy pen or notebook that bring you joy to use. Or choose for the hot drink something special you normally wouldn’t make. Eat something you enjoy. Or make a playlist with your favorite worship songs. Buy a new Bible that brings you joy to look into or nice colored pencils to highlight scriptures. Or instead of writing, make something with materials you enjoy using.

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