23 / DECEMBER / 2020

genesis 1 verse 3 illustration let there be light

The Creation in Illustration #3

“And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.”
Genesis 1:3

The words you see in this illustration is what the phrase “let there be light” sounds like when spoken in Hebrew.
Usually when we think of this verse, we think about light as we know it, light from the sun or moon. But this probably was a different kind of light. Here is one vision of what was meant by this verse:

God, then, by speaking, gives to nature a universal and enduring law. His commands are not temporary, but eternal; and whatever secondary causes were called into existence when the Elohim, by a word, created light, those same causes produce it now, and will produce it until God recalls His word. We have, then, here nature’s first universal law. What is it?
(…) this primæval light was probably electric, arising from the condensation and friction of the elements as they began to arrange themselves in order. And this, again, was due to what is commonly called the law of gravitation, or of the attraction of matter. If on the first day electricity and magnetism were generated, and the laws given which create and control them, we have in them the two most powerful and active energies of the present and of all time—or possibly two forms of one and the same busy and restless force. And the law thus given was that of gravitation, of which light was the immediate result.”

From: Ellicott’s Commentary for English Readers

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