The story behind my Christ painting

19 januari 2018


Yesterday night I sat on my couch, and was looking at this Christ painting I made a while ago. Somehow I was thinking about how this one came about and in a whim I recorded the story on my phone. In English. I don’t know why I did that. Maybe it was easier for me to hold a monologue in a different language than my own. Regardless, I listened to it again and decided to share it. I have no idea if this is interesting to anyone, or if this story is too long, I just want put it here for anyone who is interested.

Below I added photos that are relevant to the story.
And an art print of this painting is now also available in my shop!

I hope you enjoy it :)

el greco el salvador christ painting
The El Greco painting I’m talking about, titled: El Salvador
 christ painting
The first draft of the painting based on the El Greco painting
 Caravaggio emmaus christ painting
An example of a Christ painting that is not obviously a Christ painting, but where you still know it’s about Christ. This painting is by Caravaggio titled Road to Emmaus.


christ painting An example of an art print of this painting from my shop. Click here for more info about the print.